ABB Formula E

An all-electric global motorsport series that street races in city centers.

WHERE do we race


Why electric


ABB Formula E, is racing to make electric mobility a global reality. With each race they are reinventing motorsport, combining purpose with passion in the world’s first fully-electric international single-seater racing series. The series was created to work towards a solution to improve air quality in city centers and fight climate change.

ABB Formula E seeks to break down the barriers to the electric vehicle market by driving technology, changing perceptions and stimulating infrastructure. Delivering entertainment across the globe, they reach a broad audience in an innovative way, inspiring generations to adopt sustainable mobility.

About Us

Huneycutt Motorsports Marketing (HMM) is built around the experience of a tech startup, experiential event marketing agency, and a motorsports team. A combination that aligns with the future of motorsports, the all-electric ABB Formula E series.

ABB Formula E is in its 5th year and is primed for huge growth. With the automotive landscape becoming electrified, the all-electric series will help shape the technologies that advance the electrification of the automobile. Major auto manufacturers are adopting electrification with Tesla leading the charge. Volkswagen, the largest manufacturer in the world, recently announced its current internal combustion engine in development is their last. The electrification of the automobile is happening.

ABB Formula E taps into the young urban demographic by providing the thrill and competition of live motorsports in a center city environment combined with the focus on technology, electrification, and the green initiative.

If your brand is ready to engage the ABB Formula E demographic, HMM can support your partnership into the ABB Formula E ecosystem.